Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Table Top Displays Part II

I’m on the train this morning, coffee in hand. I received a “friendly” reminder from my co-worker and fellow commuter Brandi reminding me that my BLOGGER hasn’t been BLOGGING! I’m “back on tack” to share some more thoughts about table top displays.

As mentioned earlier, because it’s so small, the challenge is even greater to make an impact with such a limited amount of graphic “geography!” Thus, every inch counts, and we’ll be pulling every component (both graphics and hardware) out of our bag of tricks to make the table top presentation effective.

1. LARGE GRAPHICS: The last post stated the importance of maximizing the size of the table top providing a larger graphic area. Fewer graphics that are larger produces a bolder statement increasing your chances of capturing the attention of the attendee from the trade show aisle. If ever the phrase “less is more” is true it is defiantly the case when it comes to exhibit graphic presentation. And yes, “size does make a difference” when it comes to graphics!

2. COVER YOUR TABLE WITH A LOGO THROW COVER: Think of the table top display from the floor up as one visual unit. By that I mean the table itself is part of the display! The standard table size is either six or eight foot long, and thirty inches high; Tables are sometimes included with the cost of the booth space along with the cardboard sign and waste paper basket, other shows; the table has to be ordered from the show’s decorator. Sometimes, the table is topped with plastic and then a thin plastic or fabric skirt stapled to the edge. And it looks sooooo cheap! Because the show decorator provides the cheap throw-away plastic drape, doesn’t mean you are required to use it!

The printed throw cover is another opportunity to brand your booth with company’s logo and tag line, and it doesn’t cost a lot to take advantage of this graphic presentation area! Think of it this way: There is approximately eighteen to twenty four square feet of “graphic presentation geography” going to waste if you use the decorator’s cheap plastic skirt.

3. LIGHT IT UP: “It’s just a table top, we don’t need lights.” Every now and then I hear an excuse for keeping displays in the dark. A few years ago, I recieved a call from a young intern who said, “My boss said we don’t exhibit at night, so we will not need the lights.” It was all I could do to keep a straight face and laughing out loud! Another excuse: “the lights in the hall are bright enough.”

The simple truth is that you went to this event to be seen and to stand out in the crowd of other exhibitors. Be bold and remember that the ambient light of the hall or ball room is same on everyone; no one stands out until their booth is “spotlighted.” Nothing is more deflating than to be working a booth and you are dull and dim while the booth on the left and the booth on the right is illuminated and drawing attention as the proverbial “moth to a flame.”

Darkness is the absence of light, light attracts, and it’s a fact of nature! How important is lighting for a stage or screen production? You are showcasing your message, light it up! Like the Good Book says: “Let your light so shine that others can see your good works….” Matthew 5:16. I know, a table top display was not the message of the Sermon on the Mount, however this verse really says it best.

Like most creative efforts it’s not just one “thing” that makes a successful display for your event, it’s a combination of a lot of small "things.” If you need some help with the details of producing an effective table top display, Shabang! Exhibits, has one of the largest selections of table top displays and accessories to be found. Check out or by phone 214-340-2885, they’ll be glad to help you with all those “little things” to make your table top display a success.

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