Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding The Right Trade Show

Here's where you hone your marketing skills! Finding the right trade show that connects your company's products and services to the right audience is the first step in successful event marketing.

You'll want to bookmark this website: www.tsnn.com

TNN(Trade Show News Network) has provided this research tool that allows you to search for new shows, with audiences that match your demographic goals. You'll see on the home page a great search engine that allows you to search by industry, venues, dates and location. Show organizers' contact information is available along with attendance statistics and exhibitor information. This is very helpful in planning your upcoming shows and exploring different markets.

While you're bookmarking URLs, here's another you will want to keep: www.shabangexhibits.com

ShaBang! Exhibits is where you'll find great ideas for every size of trade show booth from table top's to huge island exhibits along with all kinds of accessories.