Monday, July 12, 2010

Choosing Colors for the Trade Show Exhibit

Choosing colors is fun, but there's more to choosing an effective color scheme than simply picking the colors that appeal to you, just as there's more to being a connoisseur of fine art than "knowing what you like." The colors that you like best might not go well together (the best example of this is Howard John-son's favorite color combination — turquoise and orange), or they might not convey the effect that you're after. Color harmony is as much of a science as an art, and follows very specific rules about hue, brightness, and contrast. Color choices are very important in the design of the structure and graphics of your new trade show exhibit. The experienced designers at ShaBang Exhibits blend color pallets that delivers the “WOW FACTOR” on the show floor.

In color as well as music, harmony means an aesthetic arrangement of parts to form a pleasing whole: a musical composition, a painting, or a graphic design. All music from Mozart to Madonna consists of the same twelve notes, and all graphic designs from Gutenberg to Glaser use the same palette of colors. If the science of color harmony is knowing which colors to use, the art is knowing what order to put the colors in, and what proportions of each. Your trade show booth is no different! The correct color combination is the key to a successful, eye-catching exhibit.

As you are planning your new trade show exhibit, start with a general sense of the effect that you're after: do you want colors that are warm or cool? Striking or quiet? Surprising or subtle? When it comes to effective exhibit colors, there are specific rules based on trade show marketing research and years of experience the designers at ShaBang Exhibits incorporate into each project.

Color choice, a very important element to the effective trade show booth.

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