Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summit Banner Stands From ShaBang! Exhibits

This is the banner stand I mentioned from ShaBang Exhibits. It's called the SUMMIT ADJUSTABLE BANNER STAND.

I have nicknamed this the MICROPHONE STAND because it looks like one and is very easy to use. It set ups as fast and easy as a RETRACTABLE and has many more features:
1) Different size banners and posters can be used.
2) NONE easier to change out the graphics. Simple….no mechanical springs or retracting components to fail in the field.
3) Literature holder can be clamped onto the pole.
4) Lights are available.
6) Contour cut images can be mounted.
7) Banners / Posters can be mounted FRONT & BACK.
This unit is also available with a round base. With laminated graphics, this system will support a continuous (almost seamless) presentation with each banner up to 4' Wide)
8) There's another option called "THE RANGE" that provides a way for 4'x8' laminated graphics to be attached side by side.

Without a doubt, this has become one of ShaBang Exhibits top selling banner stands, outselling the retractable units, basically for the reasons outlined above.

It is SO very simple to change graphics in the future!

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