Monday, August 23, 2010

Lambda Graphics = Quality Graphics, Hands Down!

Lambda is the name used to describe the process, equipment and product resulting in a visually spectacular image. Using continuous tone digital technology, Lambda graphics and mural panels are produced from the transfer of digital images onto reflective or backlit photography material without the need of a negative.

Three lasers – one each of red, green and blue are merged into a single beam that simultaneously exposes the photographic material, producing an image in a single pass. By using lasers, the total image is crisp and sharp edge to edge with intense color saturation and no distortion. The next step, similar to traditional photography, is to process the exposed film though a “wet” film developer, where the prints exit dry and are ready for lamination.

Lambda graphics have a wide range of applications including portable, modular, custom and light box displays. Murals, detachables, header panels and other components of your display can be produced using this process as front of backlit graphics.

The graphics department at ShaBang Exhibits utilizes the Lambda process for almost all the graphics projects where photo images are used. On main reason is that almost every project has multiple life style or work place images where accurate skin tone reproduction is crucial. When you’re working with Lambda… it is a photograph! When compared to ink jet print the Lambda process has additional features that results in a high quality, premier product:

Continuous Tone: Lambda produces a continuous tone where inkjet produces a dot pattern.

Sharper Images and Text: Inkjet images and text are soft around the edges. Lambda products are crisp edge to edge.

Superior Skin Tones:
Skin tones are genuine – no pink or green hues.

More Realistic Color Saturation: Front or backlit images are more vibrant.

Backlit Images:
Superior color saturation, depth, and density. Without a doubt, the best backlit images available.

Fine Definition: Product shots and people are more distinctive and clear with Lambda.

You’re going to the trade show to look your best; your graphics should look their LAMBDA best!

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  1. Great comments and isn't the most important thing to project your image a quality graphic? You've got seconds to tell them you mean business!