Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Table Top Display Part I

It’s not the 20’x20’ two story island exhibit with all the bells and whistles. Nor is it the full photo mural pop-up presentation so common in an in-line 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ booth. Still, the portable table top display continues to be the “work horse” of the exhibit industry. Affordable to purchase and economical to own, the table top display finds favor with its users for multiple reasons:

1. Manageable Size and Weight: If you’re tall or short, male or female, it doesn’t matter. The display is small, usually sits on a six or eight foot standard table. Graphics are eye level and easily managed.
2. Easy Transport: It packs in one rolling case, or sometimes in carry bag with a shoulder strap. Traveling out of town? Take it with you, most table top displays can be checked as luggage.* Better yet, it’s less hassle to ship it on ahead via UPS or FED-X.
3. Quick and Easy Set-Up and Dismantle. Almost all table top sets up in less than five minutes. The unit’s shipping case or bag stows under the skirted table.
4. In and Out: The table-top makes sense for those one day events. The time setting up and tear down is simple, quick and easy. The table-top display fits the bill!
5. Quality Presentation: Just because it is smaller, doesn’t mean the table top cannot present your message in a professional way. It’s all in the branding; it’s all in the message! When done right, the table top can look as professional as the free standing floor unit. There are a few rules to follow, a few things you will need to make the lowly table-top an effective presentation:

Guidelines / Dos and Don’ts:

Here are a few guidelines I wanted to pass on as you go through the selection and design process of your table top display.

1. “Super Size It!” Over the past few years I’ve seen a trend of exhibitors being overly concerned about “no hassle” set-up and dismantle. This has resulted in very small briefcase size table tops compromising the impact of their message. It may not be PC for me to say, I’ll go ahead and say it: "People are getting lazy when it comes to exhibiting at a trade show or event!" So what if it takes an extra ten minuets to set up? DO IT! It’s a small table top display, make it as BIG as you legally can. Stand out in the crowd...please! If the event is worth going to, look your very VERY best.
2. Unclutter the Presentation: There’s a tendency to use the table top display as a bulletin board! (This is a typical mistake even found on free standing floor model.) The problem? Too many small photos and other materials on the display that it begins to look like granny’s refrigerator door covered with photos and inspiring proverbs, recipes and news clippings! (I live with a granny, (“Nanny” to our grand kids) I know what I’m talking about! The presentation cluttered, is very busy, and hard to see from the aisle, visitors simply walk on by. Think of your presentation as a BILLBOARD on the side of the freeway and keep it from looking like a BULLETIN BOARD in the break room. Less is more when it comes to images that deliver a targeted message.
3. The solution is to use a table top display that has enough graphic “geography” to make an impact that causes people’s head to turn from the trade show aisle. Sure, it may take sixty to ninety seconds or more to set up the larger table top dis pay! But if that what it takes to stand out in a crowd, isn't that why you went to the event in the first place?

NEXT... The Table Top Display Part II I have some more thoughts and experiences to share with you when it comes to creating an effective table top display. For now, you’ll find a lot of table top displays on the ShaBang Exhibits' web site, there’s a lot to see! ShaBang Table Top Design Gallery

Large and small companies are finding the Shabang Exhibits website a good resource for information in planning a successful trade show. Check out the Trade Show Tips at:

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* Check with your airline for size and weight restrictions and rates.

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